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 Gameboy Advance Games = ROMS

ESPN International Winter Sports
Gekido Advance - Kintaros Revenge
Minna No Ojisama ()
Tekken Advance (Europe)
Altered Beast (Europe)
Lego Racers 2 (Europe)
Sim City 2000 (USA)
 Built in LIGHT for GBA
What is a ROM?
Most classic games are stored on cartridges (example: NES, Super Nintendo etc.). On those cartridges are special computer chips called ROM chips (Read Only Memory). Interfacing such a cartridge with the PC is not very easy so people have invented devices which can download the contents of such a ROM chip (the game software and data files) to a special file: a ROM file. We don't offer any of these commercial Roms on Angel Roms , for the simple reason they are illegal to distribute and own (unless you own the original cartridge).


Download the rom files and play them on PC - you will need an EMULATOR for omputer to understand and play the game or you can get a Flash Linker and GBA Flash Card and write the roms to the cartridge so that they can be played on gameboy

Some of the latest releases are : 19 RockMan EXE 4 Tournament Blue Moon 20 RockMan EXE 4 Tournament Red Sun 21 Peter Pan The Movie USA Mode7 22 Card Captor Sakura - akura Card de Mini Game 23 Konjiki no Gashbell 24 Bokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town for Girls 25 Spy Muppets - License to Croak USA 26 Croket 3 Guranyuoukoku No Nazo 27 Gegege no Kitaro WRG 28 The King of Fighters EX2 - Howling Blood USA 29 Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon - 8 Nin no Toki no Yousei 30 Super Donkey Kong 31 Finding Nemo 32 Astro Boy - Tetsuwan Atom 33 Disney Sports gba rom Snowboarding USA Supplex 34 Crash Bandicoot Advance 2 - Gurugurusaimin Dai Panic 35 Max Payne gba rom USA Mode7 36 Tetris Advance 37 Ochaken No Heya 38 Need For Speed Underground gba rom USA Mode7 40 Simple 2960 - Vol. 4 - The Trump 41 WanWan Meitantei 42 Ashita No Joe 43 Sim City 2000 USA GBANow 44 Lego Racers 2 Europe Independent 45 Altered Beast Europe TrashMan 46 Tekken Advance Europe Independent 47 Minna No Ojisama 48 Gekido Advance - Kintaros Revenge USA Ongaku 49 ESPN International Winter Sports Europe TrashMan 50 Godzilla Domination Independent - 51 Sonic Battle USA 52 Hyokkori Hyotanjima Don Gabacho Daikatsuyaku no Maki

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GBA Emulators

GAMEBOY Emulator
An emulator is a program which mimics other systems - video game consoles. These emulators usually work like this: they translate or interpret the original program code of the original game and make it work on your PC. The games / demos / programs are usually stored in a GBA ROM files that are ZIPed.

Gameboy Advance ROMS
Backuped and Free gba Games that can be played on PC with Emulator or stored on a Flash Card for playing on GBA

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